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EducaSID is part of the Geography Week 2023 of the Lea Plan, and the Listín Diario program gives talks to students.

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EducaSID is part of the Geography Week 2023 of the Lea Plan, and the Listín Diario program gives talks to students.

Through #EducaSID, Grupo SID was part of Geography Week 2023, organized by Plan Lea, an educational program of the Listín Diario newspaper. This initiative had more than 6,000 students and teachers from public and private schools. EducaSID’s participation focused on this occasion to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

Representing Grupo SID were Nieves Ramos, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Mónica Ortiz and Ernesto Rosario, Environmental Managers of MercaSID and Induveca, respectively, who offered awareness workshops for environmental protection and also Jeanette Chaljub, Academic Coordinator of Basic and Environmental Sciences of INTEC, who presented on climate change.

In addition, three schools that we directly impacted under this plan were nationwide to 500 students:

Father Arturo Parish School, in Monte Plata, for 150 students.

San Martín de Porres School, in La Vega,for 150 students.

Fidel Ferrer School, Santo Domingo., for 200 students.

These workshops were led by the Environmental Managers of MercaSID and Induveca, Ernesto Rosario and Mónica Ortiz, respectively, who discussed the concept of sustainability and its dimensions, as well as how with our actions, we can contribute to creating awareness and making changes to build a better future.

In these activities, Grupo SID delivered the inserts to motivate students to take action, and the texts served as input for teachers to replicate the knowledge in other courses. All three are schools sponsored by EducasSID.

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