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Grupo SID will grant Health Day to its employees to promote their physical and emotional well-being

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Grupo SID will grant Health Day to its employees to promote their physical and emotional well-being

Grupo SID held the VII edition of the Health Day: Protecting your Emotional Well-being, aiming to strengthen mental health care among its more than five thousand employees and continue to promote a positive work environment.

During the activity, the executive president of the business group, Ligia Bonetti, announced that to promote preventive care for physical and emotional health, the SID People will have a “Health Day,” which they can use to carry out studies and schedule their medical consultations.

“At Grupo SID, we prioritize and value the well-being of our employees. By offering this facility, we hope to foster a culture of personal care and that they have the necessary time to attend to their medical needs, which is part of our commitment to their comprehensive development,” Bonetti said.

In addition, he indicated that free psychological consultations would be offered in all internal medical units and virtual modalities, thus guaranteeing access and timely attention to these services to raise awareness about the importance of ensuring this aspect that is essential for quality of life.

Employees will also have an emotional support and well-being line to receive accompaniment. This line will be available 24 hours a day and attended by specialized professionals.

Employees participated in talks on stress management, conflict resolution, and family-work balance at the event. In addition, it had consultations by experts in various areas of health, including psychology, nutrition and family medicine, as well as visual operations and group sessions of physical exercise.

These initiatives are added to the Employee Aid and Counseling Program (PACE) that Grupo SID has carried out for over a decade, providing support to those employees who face challenges.

The Health Day was supported by ARS MAPFRE Salud, Mercer Marsh, Farmacia Los Hidalgos, OptiMax, the Ministry of Public Health and the Popular, Siembra y Crecer AFPs, the Analisa clinical laboratory, as well as the Infaca, LAM, Alfa laboratories, Sued y Fargesa, Ser Salud, Funeraria Blandino, the National Drug Council (CND), the Dominican Institute for Prevention and Protection of Occupational Risks (IDOPPRIL), the General Directorate of Information and Defense of Social Security Affiliates (DIDA ), UNIT, DIDAVIHSIDA, Gold Gym, Body Shop, Dominican Red Cross, ADATS and Lexus Editores.

The event offered a space conducive to reflection and the adoption of healthy habits for emotional and physical well-being.

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